Top Recommended Electric Tools For Your Kitchen Written


People often find themselves living in a home, apartment or studio that has a much smaller kitchen than average. While it might seem that this would make the process of creating enjoyable meals difficult, it is possible to find small electric tools that will do essentially the same job as their big brothers while taking up much less space. However, choosing the right tools and arranging them in a compact kitchen requires careful planning.

Take Measurements

You cannot make choices about which electric tools you will have in your small kitchen until you quantify just how small it actually is. Take careful measurements of any openings you might have for a small stove or a refrigerator, as well as counter spaces and open shelves where you could place some electric tools. The measurements should include width, depth and height. Evaluate the tools you consider based on the measurements you have taken.


Examine the kitchen space to determine how many wall plugs it has and what types they are, since this is a key factor when making your choices. Ensure that all of the outlets have ground fault interrupters, or do not use them with the tools you purchase. In addition, some electric tools you might choose, such as a small dishwasher, will need to have nearby access to a water connection, so look for these where you might need them.

Refrigerator Choices

For keeping perishable foods fresh, even the smallest kitchen needs a refrigerator. For a larger refrigerator, you might substitute a small single door model. For an even smaller space like a studio apartment, many choose dorm-sized refrigerators. For actual dorms with extremely little space, you can buy mini-fridges that can hold a couple of drinks and a snack or two.

Stoves and Ovens

Stoves also come in much smaller models. If the kitchen space has no location for even a small stove, you can install a cook-top surface on a counter and a small convection oven on another counter next to it. While these smaller electric tools will not have nearly the capacity of full sized models, for one or two people living in a small space they are often enough.


Microwaves used to be large, extremely heavy electric tools, but advances in recent years have reduced both the size and weight. You can now purchase microwaves to fit into almost any small space. Some mini-microwaves are as small as a lunch box, and can be used to do things like make a cup of coffee or heat a frozen muffin or two.

Electric Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener is a useful tool that will give the edge back to your knives. It’s important to have one in the kitchen due to the fact that cooking with a dull knife can be dangerous. The best powered knife sharpener can be found by reading many insightful reviews and user comments, this way you’ll be pretty sure that you’re doing a good investment in a new kitchen appliance.

Other Small Electric Tools

In addition to the smaller versions of large electric tools, people living in a smaller space should try to reduce the clutter of blenders, mixers, coffee makers and can openers that cover most kitchen counters. One way to do this is to try to find the smallest usable version of these tools. Another approach is to choose some small tools that can serve more than one function, such as using one device as both a blender and a mixer.

How to Ensure that Your Cat is Healthy


If it is your first time to own a cat, you might be wondering how long the animal can live. The most disturbing is to find the best ways to take care of your pet for longer and healthier life. Although looking for the best cat vet in the Memorial is a good idea, there are ways one can take care of his/her cat to ensure it lives a long healthy life. Getting the right information and understanding how to treat cats is necessary if one aspires to keep a healthy cat. Below are some simple tips that will guide you for taking care of your cat for a long healthy life.

Get Quality cat Food

Providing high quality nutritious food for your cat is the first step to ensuring the animal remains healthy and strong. As a qualified cat veterinarian in Memorial will advise, it is necessary to only feed your cat with verified brands that have proven to offer the right nutrients. There are many brands in the market, so if it is your first time with a cat you should approach a qualified cat veterinarian in Memorial for advice on the right choice.

Stay up on Vaccinations

Most cats die silently due to attack by diseases that could be prevented with the issue of vaccination. Although rubies are mandatory in the majority of states in America, one should always ensure the cat is also checked and vaccinated for other diseases like feline distemper as well as upper respiratory ailments.

Heating Pads for Older Cats

Just like human beings, old cats need a warm environment. This is due to the physical changes that force the animal to respond differently to cold and weather changes. If a heating pad is made available, the cat will be protected from contracting diseases that come due to cold weather. This definitely increases the life span of the cat and helps to keep it healthy.

Provide Stimulation

It is very likely for a bored cat to act out, get stressed or develop depression. To curb this from happening, it is advisable to provide different toys that you can rotate in and out. This will keep the cat busy and active, thereby stimulating energy and offering motivation. Also consider changing the perches for the cat to ensure it doesn’t get bored viewing through the same window.

Consider Supplements

Despite the fact giving the right food offers useful nutrients to the cat, factors such as aging could require one to offer special diet or supplements. Consult with some of the best cat vet in the Memorial for the right supplements to give your cat depending on age and condition. This will help to keep the cat healthy and could probably live longer.