Using a Belt Sander? 4 Safety Tips You Must Know

Usually, Belt sanders are the dominant and big gorillas in the world of sanding. Commonly, they are used to trim a scribed line, level surfaces such as replacing a board on a hardwood floor, sanding the surfaces that are hard, as well as freehand shaping and rounding. Due to their high power, they can handle grits, and they perform well in wood removing. Also, they finish and shape wooden and wood objects. Therefore, there are 4 Safety Tips You Must Know When Using a Belt Sander to minimize the bodily injuries. You can find more safety tips like these while using the best belt sander by visiting http://www.sandersguru.com/.

The first tip is that you need to use a system for dust collection. It is necessary to select a belt sander that has a dust collection system like a vacuum or a filter bag. Additionally, when you protect the motor from unnecessary wear, you reduce the exposure to the particulate matter that contains the small pieces of dust and wood, which may enter into your lungs when you inhale them. Therefore, you need to buy the belt sanders that have the built-in dust bag, which collects a lot of the coarser dust and requires emptying regularly. Also, you can have the hose which you can connect to a shop vacuum to sand with fewer specks of dust.


Secondly, it is necessary for you not to forget to wear the impact resistant eyewear. Usually, this is arguably a single most essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) you should have when using a belt sander. Also, this kind of sander can shoot the wood chunks literally in the air due to its powerful motor, which is very high. When you do not use the impact resistant eyewear, you can get a severe injury to the eye as well as losing your vision. Thus, when you equip yourself with the proper PPE, you minimize these injuries.

Moreover, it is essential to inspect discs and belts before use. You need to check the sanders discs and belt you want to use, to make sure that, they are intact and they have no damages. When you find that either the disc or the belt has losses, it is necessary to refrain from using the sander until you replace the respective item. Also, you need to check on the discs and belts to ensure that they are appropriately secured, and they are not loose. Thus, replacing the excessively worn belts should get considered for your safety.

Besides, it is essential to keep your fingers and hands away from the abrasive surface of the sander. These may sound just ordinary and common sense to you, but it is worth to remind you that you should keep your fingers and hand clear from the sanders belt every time you operate the machine. Also, make sure that when you smoothen the surface, you ultimately put your clothing out of the way. Thus, to avoid injuries and burns in your skin, it is necessary to follow the safety measures given.


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